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Albania Amputee Football

Action Start:17/10/2022

Action Complete:17/04/2023

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Ekipi i futbollit i të amputuarve Shqiptar 2019

The action

Albanian Football Amputee started in 2019. This started as an idea to encourage amputated people to have an entertaining activity and to help them integrate in the society. This is a special discipline of football for amputated people.

This initiative seemed as un unbelievable idea but step by step everybody committed to create a real football team. This team represented Albania in two international matches and this achievement made each member take it more seriously and commit more. Our vision is to invite more amputated people in this special football discipline, and also create more teams in the main cities of Albania. This is a great opportunity to take these people out their gloomy mood of what happened to them and have this sports activity which helps them integrate in different aspects such us social, physical, emotional etc.

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