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Boccia Albania

Action Start:10/04/2022

Action Complete:10/09/2022

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Qendra per edukim dhe sport skills

The action

The “Boccia Albania” project will be a novelty for our country. The Boccia Championship will come as a first pilot in the Elbasan County, in the coming years to become an integral part of the programs of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth. This championship aims to integrate and empower young people with different abilities with the ability to concentrate and focus. Boccia game is a Paralympic sport which is designed to be played by people with special abilities. It will be an innovative championship coming as a way of advocating for the inclusion of people with special abilities in sports. The championship is designed to be played in groups and individually. The project throughout its development aims to address a social problem such as that of the inclusion of people with disabilities in sports activities. The project will bring to attention the provision of services and opportunities for this target group. The project comes not only as an advocacy and awareness action for institutions but also as an example / way to integrate and increase skills for the target group. It is a combination of service delivery, awareness, but also for entertainment.

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