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Childhood Trauma

Action Start:01/12/2022

Action Complete:01/03/2023

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Alo ! Mik

The action

Did you know that trauma affects many children, teenagers and adults? Trauma is not rare: statistics show that 50% of children have experienced trauma. Trauma affects everything—a person’s ability to learn, manage emotions and behavior, their health, relationships, etc… Therefore the goal of the campaign is to equip children and people who work with them with concrete tools to ease the impact negative trauma (due to abuse, domestic violence, neglect, etc.).
Alo ! Mik Foundation (, within this campaign, will carry out the following activities: (1) Psychosocial activities with children to explore strategies for emotional regulation; (2) Play therapy sessions to help assess and process trauma in children’s lives; (3) Training and equipping 50 people who work with children in day care or residential centers.
Support is needed for the purchase of: 60 coping toolboxes to help children manage their emotions and behaviors better, 2 mobile play therapy sets to provide therapy sessions, 5 sets for the corner of tranquility in the day/residential centers and training materials for 50 people working in day/residential centers for children in need.
Trauma informed care is an internationally recognized approach, but it is relatively new in Albania. Through this campaign, we want to promote this approach to equip people who care for children exposed to trauma, but also to test, develop and expand good practices and tools for children to help them cope and process trauma.

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