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Different Journey, Same Destination

Action Start:01/12/2022

Action Complete:01/06/2023

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Theater is not a luxury.
The Project “Different Journey, same Destination”, it is a project destined to orphan children. This Project has as its Goal to set on stage a full proper theater performance realized by orphan children of “Zyber Hallulli” Orphanage in Tirana. Via this theater production we want to influence in indirect way to their entertainment, education, team work, respecting also each-other space and rights, to understand Value and Anti value, to tie them closer to books.
Working on theater, children will analyze themselves, understand their desires, discover their preferences or talents. This project will become a good possibility to escape from day to day routine, stimulates them to understand their desires and fight for them.
This Project will last 4 months. Since the children has their schooling engagement, the work will be performed during weekends, till June, time when school is over, and the Premier date is near (end of June).
It will be a well known Albanian Comedy, very possibly will be “Rain at the Beach”. The concrete work will start with auditions of the cast, following by analyzing the play, which is very important to the way of stage direction concept, and production point of view. Than the work will proceed with setting on stage, costume rehearsals, completing the stage set and lightning. The last week is designed for combined rehearsals with all components of the future Performance.
OrArt has implemented before setting of stage Albanian plays with orphan children of Shkoder and Sarande Orphanages. This experience is evaluated as a very successful one, and the children participating are felt appreciated with a much more higher self esteem. By accomplishing those performances made them much more confident to work on beautiful projects that leads in delivering good messages and entertain their own audience.
Theater Makes You a Better Man

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