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Action Complete:10/04/2022

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Qendra The youth of URA

The action

Discontinuation of educational services due to the situation created by covid-19, has created a huge gap with serious and long-term consequences on academic, social and emotional learning. The situation in the country is not the same for all age groups or social categories. Distance learning was a completely new method for both academic staff and students, parents who faced many challenges from lack of equipment, lack of internet. These elements led to the creation of academic gaps, especially in the age group of children from families with economic deficits. Detachment from the daily routine of the learning process has affected the deterioration of social cohesion, lack of contact with peers. Deprivation from social-cultural-sports activities affects the deterioration of mental health. These difficulties are multiplied for the category of marginalized groups which have not had access to technological equipment, access to internet coverage, children who belong to the Roma and Egyptian community, with special needs, who are alone with one parent, etc. Dimal Municipality is one of the small municipalities which has felt this problem the most due to the fact that there are over 187 families which are treated with economic assistance and where 69.1% of the population have only 9 years of education. The main goal of the ‘Education4Future!’ project is to support the learning process for 100 children/ young people from families treated with economic assistance from the Dimal municipality. The specific objectives are to provide technological infrastructure for 30 families to develop the learning process at home (internet line) and to facilitate the process of amortization of learning deficits for 50 children with personalized educational programs. We believe that investing in education is an investment for the nation! Be part of our project, provide light for knowledge in Dimal!

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