‘GO-3G’ CLUB – catalyzing the magic of emotions for 106+ children in need – SmileAL

‘GO-3G’ CLUB – catalyzing the magic of emotions for 106+ children in need

Action Start:04/01/2023

Action Complete:04/05/2023

Days remaining:36 days

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Dorcas Aid International Albania

The action

When you pay attention to the beginning of the story, you can change the whole story.” Our change ambition is: To help 106+ vulnerable children in Korca, create resilient mechanism’s and to improve their wellbeing, socially and emotionally for a promising future dignified life.

The 9-years school “Naim Frasheri” in Korca city is a school designated to function as a Communitarian Centre by the government. The school embraces 106+ pupils, categorized: Pupils: Orphans (8); without registered fatherhood (5); with state cash assistance (30); with no cash assistance (20); with disabled parents (13); with unemployed parents (14); returned from emigration (8); with grandparents as legal caregivers (2); with no legal caregivers (6).

The social-economic situation of these children is difficult in a complex way causing deprivation for children in many levels: they have material deprivation, very low consumption of good food and healthy nutrition, affection and parental love deprivation. GO-3G CLUB will be developed in two dimensions:

i) structurally/its form: 3G symbolizes the interaction of 3 generations: children, parents, and
grandparents / caregivers. The notion of ‘club’ symbolizes the interaction between 3Gs and the community members: teachers, young volunteers, etc.
ii) its content: Within this community structure the members will have the opportunity to Give- Gain&Grow personally and socially by the means of extracurricular activities comprising: thematic, parenting, playful & bonding activities.

Impact will happen mainly in: Individual level: 106+ children will be capacitated to interact between each other and family members and the environment about. Parents/caregivers will be capacitated and improve their resilient mechanisms to be able to take care of themselves Community level: Synergy will be created within the triangle of support for children: Parents – teachers – community – aiming to provide social-emotional development.

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