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Qendra Mbështetje Informacion Kujdes Edukim (M.I.K.E)

The action

The M.I.K.E. center aims in three months to create a family service for the elderly with long-term illnesses such as: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, post-hospital rehabilitation, clients who need 24/7 service through self-care teams,
The model will be applied in Administrative Unit 2 with two teams of 12 nurses, for 30-40 elderly people in each team. The aim is to be expanded to all of Tirana and Albania.
Nurses through this service have their own autonomy when organizing clients and visits. They manage medical treatments, care and support services (dressing, bathing, meal preparation, patient engagement in the community. The teams work closely with doctors and other health care providers.
M.I.K.E. has created smart software to support daily practices (assessment and care planning, documentation maintenance, documentation management) which helps to reduce bureaucracy, maximizing contacts with clients.
The project will ensure a focus of service on the customer, through which it is intended to train the teams in the use of the platform, equipping them with iPads and bicycles for quick visits.
The service aims to focus the service on the customer, prevention, increase customer satisfaction, Promotion of self-care service, employment of young people who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, increasing their job satisfaction, promotion of the role of the nurse in the community.
Using the platform helps nurses to dedicate 61% of their working time to the client.
Care will be paid, price will cover service costs. NGO will have a profit of 5% for sustainability.

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