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The NE’MO project

Action Start:10/10/2021

Action Complete:10/04/2022

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The NE’MO project is designed to provide services to people who own pets. The goal is to provide pet care when owners have commitments. NE’MO is designed to be an online application as well as a physical point of contact between the provider and the recipient of the service.
This application will enable pet owners to select and book at any time the service they want. Individuals who are interested in caring for animals, can apply via the application and check the requests received for their service. The people who want to provide this service, will be physically selected and their data in the application will be uploaded and managed by the management staff of NE’MO.
NE’MO is also a social impact created to be an employment opportunity for a target group who for various reasons cannot find employment opportunities in the labor market. This target group is intended to include all individuals who love animals and enjoy caring for them. By becoming part of NE’MO, they will have the opportunity to generate income and at the same time, have fun and enjoy the pleasant company of animals, wherever they are and at any time of the day.

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