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Kryqi i Kuq Shqiptar

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Some of the most precious assets that humanity has are: Physical Movement, Playtime, and Sports. Sedentary acitivity, which is the dramatic decline in physical efficiency for the health of Youth, has become a worrying problem in our Country. Sedentary Lifestyles are causing the following chronic illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol/ hypercholesterolemia. Scientific Research and Studies have concluded that the risks caused by being sedentary is similar to the risks caused by the sum of three other primary risk factors like: Sedentary Risk = Hypertension Risk + Hypercholesterolemia Risk + Smoking Risk.

In collaboration with experts from the Albanian Federation of School Sports and as mentioned above, the Albanian Red Cross proposes setting up the Project “The Theoretical and Practical Qualifications of Physical Education Teachers in the Country Schools.” The aim of the Project is to contribute to the reduction of sedentariness and the improvement of physical movement and activation in sports of young people, thus helping them develop a healthy physique. In this form, we raise public awareness for addressing issues related to physical activity and the focus is on the physical, emotional, and health benefits of implementing the Project. The general objective of this Project is to contribute to the training of 20 Physical Education Teachers in the Fields of Organization, Direction, and Scientific Development of the subject of Physical Education for Albanian High School and Pre-University Education Students for a much healthier physical growth; meanwhile, we support the mass distribution of 1,000 Didactic Tools with the motto “Growing Up Healthy”.

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