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Women and green economy

Action Start:10/04/2022

Action Complete:10/09/2022

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Gratë dhe ekonomia e gjelbërt

The action

The aim of the campaign is to promote cooperation and economic independence for women in the area of Manza, on green entrepreneurship, as an opportunity for employment, economic independence and user –friendly management of the land. Women will be engaged in planting organic rosemary, in an area of 2 hectares of land. The support is needed for the purchase of 80,000 seedlings, a cutting machine. As a result of the support we expect 3 tons of product which will be sold to exporting companies. The product will be certified by the Bio-Albinspekt certification body. The campaign aims to achieve 2 main goals: 1.Integration and employment of women of Manza Administrative Unit, 2.Local economic development through an environmentally friendly approach. The Women and the Green Economy project promotes: (i) development, (ii) is all inclusive, (iii) promotes social equality and is environmentally friendly. This comprehensive project which at the same time contributes to poverty reduction, promotes rural development, while taking care of food security for environmental and biodiversity issues in communities. Green economies are becoming less chosen, and more a real market need as a result of a growing branch of the organic green economy. The green economy brings with it new growth, new job opportunities, an integrated group in the community, well informed women about their rights and duties in the family and society.

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