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It is time to show that we can succeed

Albanian people have experienced hardship in previous years. Now it’s time to show that we can succeed in many ways, if we are all prepared to give something. The program offers huge potential for the pooling of resources, whether in money or in kind, through the crowdfunding model, whether contributors are in Albania or abroad.

Above all, however, offers a new way for people to think and act. When there are very specific targets and projects, and when there are solid guarantees for absolute transparency and accountability, every single person’s contribution, however small, is nevertheless extremely valuable. 

Who is participating in is supported by businesses, organizations and foundations of international standing, such as Credins Bank, Partners Albania, Vodafone Foundation and Grant Thornton.

All these institutions, with their experience and culture for corporation responsibility, shall contribute to the program by offering their know-how while also leveraging the potential of the crowdfunding platform so as to broaden and multiply the resources for projects or actions that they already support.

The thematic areas of

The program will support projects related to the following thematic areas: 

  • Welfare, Health and Solidarity: This action includes support for social welfare, public health and solidarity actions, as such values promote social cohesion and sustainable growth prospects for Albania. 
  • Social Economy and Entrepreneurship: Emphasis is placed on the pursuit of collective interests through socially beneficial actions, while it also fosters the creation of jobs and the strengthening of social cohesion and national and regional development.
  • Culture and Cultural Entrepreneurship: As the cultural heritage is an extremely valuable asset for our country, and can contribute decisively to a new sustainable growth model, the program aims at boosting actions that showcase our cultural heritage and traditions, as well as artistic and cultural creativity today. 
  • Research, Education and Training: This includes support for research programs and education and lifelong training actions that enable the acquisition of skills and generate opportunities for work and further professional, economic, social and personal development. 
  • Young and Innovative Entrepreneurship: This action focuses on encouraging, showcasing and promoting innovative ideas and projects, on educating and training young business teams. 
  • Environment and Sustainability: This includes sustainable growth actions that promote the quality of life, contribute to the transformation of productive structures in the Albanian economy, and enhance the creation of appropriate infrastructures. 
  • Sporting Activities: This supports actions that strengthen sporting activities, enhancing sports infrastructures and facilities, and thereby upgrading the lives of the population of the country. 

The specific choice of action areas was made on the basis of current conditions in Albanian society and the economy, and aims at enhancing awareness and broadening public participation in supporting collective social and developmental actions and at highlighting the value of contributing and showing solidarity. 

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