Projects that can be part of platform – SmileAL

Projects that can be part of platform supports projects that meet specific criteria and which are selected by the Strategy Committee after careful assessment. All projects are then posted on the platform enabling any person within or outside Albania to give its contribution either in kind or cash. 

The user of the crowdfunding platform can see the projects that are currently running, select the one(s) that interest him and, then, follow the steps to donate, easily, quickly and with complete transparency. 

In addition, a special section of the platform displays completed projects along with information on the funds gathered and the completion time. invites, by means of a Public Invitation, interested parties (legal persons) to submit their applications. In line with the Regulation, the final selection of projects is based on the assessment of specific criteria, with the assistance of a team of experts from various scientific and professional fields, with a long experience in project management and assessment. 

Transparency and control

The feature that characterizes the program is the full transparency and control that the program provides. The Program is governed by a Regulation that sets out in detail its purpose and modus operandi, as well as the bodies that exercise management and take decisions regarding the actions implemented. 

Actions are audited by Grant Thornton, an international auditing firm that offers its services free of charge to the Program, thereby making an important contribution to the fulfilment of the Program’s aims. Accordingly, transparency and accountability, the key comparative strong points of, are ensured.

The above features help enable achieve its goals and stick to its commitment: to be an organized and reliable program that respects each and every donation offered by members of the public.

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