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Earthquake relief for Turkey

On February 6, 2023, Turkey was hit by a series of earthquakes, one of the most powerful to hit the region in 100 years, causing hundreds of deaths and injuries. Thousands of people are under ruins. Caritas Albania is launching this national initiative to support the affected families by inviting Albanians in Albania and abroad to unite together and donate directly through the Smile platform. The funds will be donated to Caritas International Confederation, which is operating in Turkey while providing aid during this difficult situation that the country is going through. These funds will be used for the priority…

Goal: 6000000 ALL

14/02/2023 - 14/05/2023

The amount so far: 9010.01 ALL

OriginAL: A Journey to Find Yout Roots

Albanians are one of the largest diaspora communities in the world with half of us living outside of our homeland countries. As a result, young Albanians everywhere are increasingly disconnected from their roots, cultural heritage, and language. This represents a great loss to countries like Albania and Kosova. At the same time, this now offers us a great opportunity to reconnect young Albanians around the world to their roots. There is tremendous potential to build a strong and special Global Albanian community in the coming years. But potential is only realized if you do something about it. Thanks to your…

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01/02/2023 - 01/06/2023

The amount so far: 34020 ALL

‘GO-3G’ CLUB – catalyzing the magic of emotions for 106+ children in need

When you pay attention to the beginning of the story, you can change the whole story.” Our change ambition is: To help 106+ vulnerable children in Korca, create resilient mechanism’s and to improve their wellbeing, socially and emotionally for a promising future dignified life. The 9-years school “Naim Frasheri” in Korca city is a school designated to function as a Communitarian Centre by the government. The school embraces 106+ pupils, categorized: Pupils: Orphans (8); without registered fatherhood (5); with state cash assistance (30); with no cash assistance (20); with disabled parents (13); with unemployed parents (14); returned from emigration (8);…

Goal: 599648 ALL

04/01/2023 - 04/05/2023

The amount so far: 24600.01 ALL

Different Journey, Same Destination

Theater is not a luxury. The Project “Different Journey, same Destination”, it is a project destined to orphan children. This Project has as its Goal to set on stage a full proper theater performance realized by orphan children of “Zyber Hallulli” Orphanage in Tirana. Via this theater production we want to influence in indirect way to their entertainment, education, team work, respecting also each-other space and rights, to understand Value and Anti value, to tie them closer to books. Working on theater, children will analyze themselves, understand their desires, discover their preferences or talents. This project will become a good…

Goal: 600000 ALL

01/12/2022 - 01/06/2023

The amount so far: 131801.01 ALL

Childhood Trauma

Did you know that trauma affects many children, teenagers and adults? Trauma is not rare: statistics show that 50% of children have experienced trauma. Trauma affects everything—a person’s ability to learn, manage emotions and behavior, their health, relationships, etc… Therefore the goal of the campaign is to equip children and people who work with them with concrete tools to ease the impact negative trauma (due to abuse, domestic violence, neglect, etc.). Alo ! Mik Foundation (, within this campaign, will carry out the following activities: (1) Psychosocial activities with children to explore strategies for emotional regulation; (2) Play therapy sessions…

Goal: 774870 ALL

01/12/2022 - 01/04/2023

The amount so far: 21500 ALL


The M.I.K.E. center aims in three months to create a family service for the elderly with long-term illnesses such as: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, post-hospital rehabilitation, clients who need 24/7 service through self-care teams, The model will be applied in Administrative Unit 2 with two teams of 12 nurses, for 30-40 elderly people in each team. The aim is to be expanded to all of Tirana and Albania. Nurses through this service have their own autonomy when organizing clients and visits. They manage medical treatments, care and support services (dressing, bathing, meal preparation, patient engagement in the community. The teams work…

Goal: 594000 ALL

01/12/2022 - 01/06/2023

The amount so far: 328281.01 ALL

Donate and Celebrate!

All together for a birthday! The “Donate and Celebrate” project aims to bring joy to the lives of ten children from vulnerable communities in the areas where World Vision works, who have lost one of their parents. A surprise birthday party will be organized for each of the children with the participation of friends, relatives, and your participation through your generous contribution! You are invited to a birthday party to bring joy and a smile back! The children come from the most vulnerable communities in the area of Tirana, Durrës and Shkodër, and some of them have never had the…

Goal: 550000 ALL

01/11/2022 - 20/02/2023

The amount so far: 42000.01 ALL

Support for abused women and children

Woman Forum Elbasan is a Non-Profit Organization that was established in 1991 and for over 23 years has been providing three concrete services for survivors of domestic violence, community awareness campaigns on the benefits and penalties in implementing violence legislation, capacity building of government local structures. Woman Forum Elbasan operates in 7 Municipalities of Elbasan District and Rrogozhinë and Kavajë Municipalities of Tirana District. Thanks to this work done, the number of women/girls reporting violence in the 5 Elbasan Police Stations and in the Kavajë Police Station has increased day by day. We state that after women report violence to…

Goal: 660000 ALL

01/11/2022 - 01/05/2023

The amount so far: 259000.01 ALL

Albania Amputee Football

Albanian Football Amputee started in 2019. This started as an idea to encourage amputated people to have an entertaining activity and to help them integrate in the society. This is a special discipline of football for amputated people. This initiative seemed as un unbelievable idea but step by step everybody committed to create a real football team. This team represented Albania in two international matches and this achievement made each member take it more seriously and commit more. Our vision is to invite more amputated people in this special football discipline, and also create more teams in the main cities…

Goal: 660000 ALL

17/10/2022 - 17/04/2023