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Project processes and documents

How to be informed about the processes and documentation needed to present a project on the platform.

Presentation of a project can be found in the menu:

  • Present/Submit a project.

There are 4 simple steps you need to complete.

The steps consist of the following:

  • First step: Basic information: data about the organization must be completed such as: Name, address, telephone number, NIPT, postal code, etc.
  • Second Step: Information about the project.

The following main data of the project are required to be completed:

  • Project subject
  • Project title
  • Short description (300 words), focusing mainly on what will be realized, etc.
  • Project duration
  • Budget / estimate on project items to be implemented (in cash or voluntary contribution)
  • Photos/videos of the project should be uploaded to present it as appropriately as possible and the idea you want to realize should to be as understandable as possible for the public
  • Project objectives
  • Solution proposed
  • Social impact
  • Executive Director
  • The role of the organization in the project

All the foregoing information should also be provided in English, as the audience can be from all over the world.

Note: If you are going to collaborate with another partner organization, you must also possess the documents of the other organization.

Required documents:

  • Court certificate or electronic certificate
  • Tax certificate
  • Criminal record
  • Financial statements at least for the last year
  • CV of the main members of the organization