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Blue Bucket Campaign – Care and Protection for Old Age

Action Start:10/10/2021

Action Complete:10/04/2022

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Dorcas Aid International Albania

The action

Caring for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.
Embrace the cause of Dorcas Aid International Albania to not only meet the basic needs of the lonely elderly, but to be with them and give human and social support.
Dorcas Aid International Albania through the “Blue Bucket” campaign will provide material support to 370 elderly people living in rural and urban areas in difficult conditions, alone, abandoned and without any support, but above all it will enable for them social inclusion and human touch which they have not felt for a long time. The campaign also aims to mobilize the wider community and attract the attention of the authorities towards golden age being already forgotten. We believe in human strength and desire to give, to care and together we can foster and raise community awareness for the cause of the old age; we can mobilize young people, we can involve community schools, we can engage influential individuals and responsible institutions to reflect and take initiatives on the conditions of the vulnerable elderly.
One donation can change the life of an elderly person. 1 blue bucket means 1 package of food and one helping hand. The “blue bucket” campaign means not only direct care and support, but also social, community activities FOR and WITH the vulnerable elderly, reactivation, and commitment to revive their routine. Let us give colors to their gray days!
If you believe in a better world, in a life with opportunities for every age and every generation, if you believe that there is still hope, contribute to the “Blue Buckets” campaign!
Bless a granny, bring back a smile! Donate now!

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