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Donate and Celebrate!

Action Start:01/11/2022

Action Complete:01/02/2023

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Fondacioni World Vision Albania

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All together for a birthday!

The “Donate and Celebrate” project aims to bring joy to the lives of ten children from vulnerable communities in the areas where World Vision works, who have lost one of their parents. A surprise birthday party will be organized for each of the children with the participation of friends, relatives, and your participation through your generous contribution! You are invited to a birthday party to bring joy and a smile back! The children come from the most vulnerable communities in the area of Tirana, Durrës and Shkodër, and some of them have never had the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with friends. With the help of the young people in the IMPACT Club groups that World Vision works with throughout the year, they will organize birthday parties for the little ones, providing gifts for each of the children.

For a more meaningful impact in the children’s lives, they will be part of World Vision Albania’s programs, to meet some of the specific needs that the child has for education, food, clothing or for psycho-social well-being, as well as involving them in psycho-social activities and sports throughout the year.

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