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Klubi i prindërve me çrregullime të spektrit të autizmit

The action

Based on group statistics for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the 9-year school “Kushtrimi Lirisë” from the Club of Parents with Autism Spectrum Disorders, it has been identified that these children have a talent in painting. Worked on collecting information on these children and from the analysis of data we have concluded that in this school the number of children is always increasing. More specifically autistic children are increasing. The cause of our Club is a meaningful cause, that is, of advocacy and support of these children and integrating them with the rest of the society. A Psychologist and a Painter will be the ones who will select children for their paintings. The final goal of this project is sustainability and long-term impact on the target group. This project will include 13 children with limited skills (11 boys, 4 girls), from 5-13 years old, thanks to the work of pediatrician and educator who will select 7 children most active from the psycho-educational point of view to exhibit their paintings in the two schools of the city. The work of the educator will focus on educating these children about the development of fine motor skills, as well as the education of their mothers. Pediatrics will focus on the medical training of these children to develop their talent through home medical visits and services, social training, increasing the desire to nurture their talent and cultivating a sense of work in them as well as increasing concentration and attention. After discussions, the painter, educator and pediatrician will focus on the 7 most significant sketches of children to create their own personalized paintings to create two small angles with paintings in two of the city schools. Project Objectives: Education as an instrument to nurture their talent. Drawing as a therapy for the development of psycho-social skills 1. Integration and socialization of autistic children.-Painting as a socialization tool to increase confidence and self-esteem through collaboration 2. Awareness of the community for these children.

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