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Support the orphans” Embroidery with Dreams”

Action Start:01/07/2023

Action Complete:31/10/2023

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Credins Foundation

The action

The Credins Foundation, in collaboration with the National Institute for the Integration of Orphans, will support the orphans for the “Embroidery with Dreams” project thanks to the funds that will be collected through public donations on the platform.

The main aim of this beautiful project is to offer these children a greater opportunity to learn a beautiful craft such as the art of embroidery, enhancing their skills for a better future and promoting the art of embroidery.

The project offers orphaned children a 2-month training course with professional craftsmen to create a variety of works with different themes in the technique of hand embroidery. Afterwards, all their works will be exhibited at Credins Bank’s head office and promoted through the publication of a catalog.

Let’s all contribute to for orphaned children, giving more opportunities to their future and preserving our traditions and craft culture.

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